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the half project

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

studio A – first year- object, space, self

The heart of the project is the transformation of a grid between dimensions. I started the process with drawing and exploring a Venetian Mask. From the object I chose to pick and explore the term "half" and the action of crossing or dividing. While using only black and white paper squares, I started to create examples of how the crossing action in math beave graphicly. Next step on my journey was to review the results at first as a pattern and on a later stage - as a grid. The process was dedicated to transforming the 2D grid to 3D shapes and spaces. The 3D shapes were all symmetrical due to of the math nature of that escoted the project. At the last faze of creation I chose to "break the rules" and to act from a dismantling method. The 2D shapes raised up to the 3D ones and then went bake, creating new and interesting spaces.

folding 2D grid to 3D shapes

dismantling the symmetric grid

Concrete and plaster molds

investigation process

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